Data with Purpose

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Hey, I'm Erik, a machine learning specialist. I try to use data make the world a little bit better.

Right now, I do data science and consulting at the Fundica / R&D Partners group. As a human, I make a mean lemon scone, volunteer for political campaigns, and love to travel. I'm also the founder of the #cdnpoli project.

Fighting Archetypal Overfitting of Data

Author’s note: the rest of the post applies predominantly to processing raw, numerical data, especially time series data. Indeed, while this may be relevant for computer vision or NLP problems,...

Rust for Machine Learning: SIMD, BLAS, and Lapack

I love Rust. But, as a data scientist, it’s still hard to use Rust on a daily basis. 90% of my programming these days is in Python. My interest in...

We Need a New Maps App

We need a new maps app. Our maps define our cities, and well, Google and Apple just don’t make the city shine. They get you from point A to point...