Data with Purpose

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Hey, I'm Erik, a holistic data scientist. I try to use data make the world a little bit better.

Right now, I do data science and consulting at the Fundica / R&D Partners group. As a human, I make a mean lemon scone, volunteer for political campaigns, and love to travel. I'm also the founder of the #cdnpoli project.

Rust for Machine Learning: SIMD, BLAS, and Lapack

I love Rust. But, as a data scientist, it’s still hard to use Rust on a daily basis. 90% of my programming these days is in Python. My interest in...

We Need a New Maps App

We need a new maps app. Our maps define our cities, and well, Google and Apple just don’t make the city shine. They get you from point A to point...

Neural Cookies

Update March 2019: While the generative adversarial network from before I have kept up for the comedy, I have worked on refining this a bit with data science. Effectively, the...