Hello, I’m Erik. Welcome to my blog! I’m a graduate of McGill University in Montréal, Canada, originally from mid-Michigan. I studied Russian alongside a major in Liberal Arts, in which I specialized in History, Culture, and Society. I’ve also studied at Harvard University (summer courses), Middlebury College (Russian immersion), and the University of Michigan via EdX (data ethics) at previous points in my life.

Presently, I work on machine learning problems in Montréal.

Formerly, I was the President of the Arts Undergraduate Society, in which I represented over 8,000 students at McGill, with my term ending April 30th, 2018. Until October 2017, I was also the Chief Executive Officer of Cents for Change, L.L.C., a Michigan-based organization working to raise money via micro-donations (less than $10) for progressive charities and political organizations. Previously, I worked as an intern in the Michigan Senate. I speak English, Français, Svenska, and Русский.

On this blog, expect a mix of content, on topics varying from machine learning to food. I encourage you to explore the relevant tags, if you’re particularly interested in one topic over another.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, I’m always happy to hear from people. I can be reached at [email protected].