Data with Purpose

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Hey, I'm Erik, a holistic data scientist. I try to use data make the world a little bit better.

Right now, I do data science and consulting at the Fundica / R&D Partners group. As a human, I make a mean lemon scone, volunteer for political campaigns, and love to travel. I'm also the founder of the #cdnpoli project.

[Recipe] Making a Great Blueberry Pie

Pie is one of the great joys of life. To all of those cake fans in the great pie vs. cake debate, I respect you, but you are wrong....

Personalizing Campaigns Though Machine Learning

Machine learning, the field upon which the vast majority of artificial intelligence systems depend on, has tremendous potential to do good if harnessed correctly. Machine learning can allow for more...

Time for Digital Citizenship

The United States needs a new digital infrastructure. Not in terms of cables laid in the ground, but rather, in a new infrastructure behind American citizenship. We have the potential...